Product Docs
Provide liquidity to the MONEY-3CRV pool and stake the LP token in the staking contract using our Farm page. Head over to and you should be able to supply any of the tokens shown in the screenshot below(DAI, USDC, USDT and/or MONEY). To begin, select the amount of stable coins you wish to supply in the pool using the box displayed below. You can choose to deposit whatever amount and any of the supported stable coin! In the example below, we chose to deposit some MONEY and USDT
After confirming you have entered the amount of stablecoin you intend to supply, click Deposit (new users will need to 'Approve' before) and authorise the transaction on Metamask. Afterwards head over to the farm page on the Moremoney app to stake the LP token representing the liquidity you just deposited by clicking on MAX, Approving the contract to spend your LP token and depositing.


Whenever you have accrued enough rewards in your staked position, you can transfer them to vesting, they will not start vesting automatically. The UI will prompt you to do so (your rewards also transfer to vesting whenever you deposit or withdraw stake):
NOTE: Whenever you transfer rewards to vesting, any vested balance gets sent to your wallet. It also restarts the clock, i.e. your remaining rewards balance will vest at roughly 1.5% per day over the next 60 days, relative to that remaining balance.
The decision, when to transfer accrued rewards to vesting should be made balancing the speed at which you wish to receive your currently vesting rewards against your desire to start vesting newly accrued rewards which haven't yet been transfered.
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