Introducing moremoney, a stable borrowing protocol.

Moremoney is a lending protocol for opening (over)collateralized debt positions (CDP) using liquidity pool tokens, interest-bearing tokens (ibTKNs) and other major tokens as collateral.

Borrowers mint MONEY, a USD softly pegged stablecoin backed by over-collateralised debt position as well as the yield earned by the collateral. After minting MONEY, borrowers can use it across the DeFi landscape.

Moremoney is designed to support the further conversion of base tokens like ETH, AVAX, USDT into ibTKNs. Upon depositing, collateral assets are forwarded to trusted partner protocols where these tokens earn yield, which is compounded into collateral tokens.

Why Moremoney?

🔥 Earn yield on collateral

🔥 Large number of collaterals and yield generating strategies available

🔥 Flexible collateral ratio

🔥 First interest-bearing stablecoin on Avalanche

🔥 Borrow and use an ultra-sound stablecoin

🔥 Extensible architecture supporting growth

Supported collateral assets on Moremoney are either already interest-bearing or become interest bearing when they get deposited into other DeFi lending or staking contracts. Strategies for collateral and how collateral earnings are used can also be changed by the borrowers.

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