Staking MORE for xMORE

xMORE is a token representing the amount of MORE a holder staked on Moremoney. When you stake your MORE, you are effectively exchanging it for xMORE. Over time, you’ll always earn more MORE tokens by holding xMORE.

This is because 100,000 MORE tokens are distributed to xMORE holders monthly. In addition to the 100k MORE distributed, the protocol deployer also buys back MORE from the market and distribute it to xMORE holders. So when you exchange your xMORE for MORE, you'll get >MORE than what you started with.

Why Stake?

  • Staking has no Impermanent Loss

  • More profits when MORE token price goes up

  • Avoid dilution and enjoy kickbacks from buybacks. When you exchange your xMORE for MORE, you'll receive >MORE than you started with.

To stake:

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